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TAKE NOTE!  I hate to be a sales person, "just like you" -  i hate to read a very long copy about a product telling you about the author's life history and bla bla bla, i am just a techie, a work-less blogger and in 3 simple steps i will definitely show you what Search Engine Joy Program (Popularly Called the SEJ PACK) is all about and how to apply it and make money.. PERIOD...
...but before i go on, see why people need the SEJ Pack!!!
The 3 Simple Steps to Building a 50$/Day Blog
Inside this 45-videos coaching program, we unveiled the 3 exact untapped simple steps any website can take to making a steady inflow of money, the video training program which is 100% newbie friendly and also an eye-opener for pro bloggers..
1. Creating a Profitable High-search volume Niche Website
2. Boost Website Traffic
2a. Boost Website Traffic from Google Search
2b. Boost Website Traffic from Facebook Groups & Ads
2c. Boost Website Traffic Building Facebook Chatbots
3. Optimizing your website to Maximize Revenue
Now let me break down each of the points above, the worst that can ever happen after reading this page is that

 "You would have learnt how to create a profitable niche blog and knowing traffic strategies to boost your website".. 
Do You know that, Google processes over 40,000 searches per second? and over 4 billion searches per day!..
Why Do you Need to Create a Profitable Niche Website & How? 
In all my video training like you will find shortly inside the SEJ members area, i like to show pictorial explanations and most times videos and proofs.

Why jump into paying a web developer? OR Creating a website that is not profitable?

Website creators charge huge amount of money just to setup a website for you, most of the times without even optimizing your pages or following SEO rules to setup your website so that you can at least have an edge to make the website profitable with search engine traffic, but hell no they are seriously after their pay.

Have you been prostituting with several websites without making anything out from any of them? or have been on a RAT-RACE with a single website without being able to make something huge out of it? Or you simply want to scale us fast? its time to know the simple basic steps to marry one of them, make it big and surely make tons of $$$ out of them without all the stressful processes you have encountered online..

..and now, with this video coaching program, you can learn step by step in videos. You are simply copying me, to create your first niche-based profitable website that would earn up to 50$ per day.
Below is two samples that i will use in explaining how profitable niche website works. 
The photo on the left side above is a News/Entertainment Gist niche kind of content that expires with time and the keywords do not happen to have advertisers competing for it, while the other photo is a sub niche under the educational niche (which has high quality advertisers) where almost every keyword in it has high CPC..

You must have gotten few ideas about what a niche should be and how to choose a profitable niche blog right?
Now Boosting Website Traffic is No problem at all...
According to Neil Patel, you can Boost website Traffic Online "without Search engine"...
BUT.. Search engine traffic is seemingly the cheapest, since its targeted you will definitely get more sales easily and the inflow of the traffic is Endless..
I seriously deal with video proofs alone... that's google analytics stats above of one of our websites raking close to 800,000 page views per day with over 20 million page views per month and ranking top 50 and top 60 website in Nigeria and South Africa respectively according to Alexa, and that figure is still climbing like a rocket ....
According to popular survey our major website website moved from where it was to becoming the Top 3 Music Blogs in Africa 

"...And the good thing is"..

Its not all about our Major websites, there are several other of our websites doing great and several other websites from SEJ Members who are seriously raking..

5, 6, 7 all the way to 8 figures monthly simply from the Search Engine Joy Video coaching program..
..and here is how random 7 of our website search console traffic looks like 
..and Hundreds of people are enjoying what the SEJ Teaches 
There is None other program like the Search Engine Joy program in Africa, according to Google search, "Searchenginejoy.com" is ranking Top No. 1 Spot for several searches about boosting website traffic..
Have you heard about the Facebook Chatbot?
Have you been thinking on How you can boost your Facebook Chatbot subscribers? many were thinking what they really need the Facebook chatbot for, we were locking sales and sending targeted traffic to our websites on a single message out to subscribers..

"See Some Videos Under the Chatbot Module of the SEJ Pack.."

The SEJ Pack showed the exact Tactics to send people from Facebook Groups and turn them into subscribers of your chatbot and how to send them back to your website..
The 31st video inside the SEJ Pro showed same strategies now used by Top bloggers use to attract and boost chatbot subscribers and ofcourse turning the subscribers into SALES and TRAFFIC..

With this method, you do not have to rely on people from your website or fanpage to join your chatbot before you get subscribers, we have added up to 40 Facebook groups inside the SEJ Pack, with the video training you can boost several thousands of subscribers quick and easy.
Our exact methods of traffic generation from Search Engine Traffic, Facebook group traffic, Ninja tricks of Facebook Adverts for bloggers, Other cheap sites for buying quality traffic and also the Ultimate Facebook Chatbot traffic Generation for any kind of niche website is very exact, awesome and direct!...  so many happy people using the SEJ Pack Video training course..
Still Confused?  Let Me tell you a short story!!!
I am Fidelis Ozuawala, CEO Waploaded Media Organization a media company with very huge online awareness from her mother website (Waploaded.com a top 3 music blog in Africa).

Fidelis has been a passionate blogger since 2009 popularly known as SunnEx, who redeemed thousands of Nigerians during the era of FreeBrowsing Tricks..

The very consistent blogger & Mechanical Engineer do not like to pride himself with his achievements, he chose to be referred to as an ordinary guy seriously devoted to the support and the success of everyone through his teachings with 7 years experience as a blogger & SEO Expert.

He founded the Search Engine Joy Video Training Program with all 7 years accumulated knowledge, to train young and PRO bloggers on the exact tactics needed to Create a Profitable Niche website, Boost targeted website traffic and thence Maximize website's revenue to earning up to $50 per day.
I present you...
Search Engine Joy
A 7-years in action experienced-packed video training and coaching program, the first ever developed in Nigeria.

We understand how desperate Nigerians are towards Making Money Online, then we created this simple and surest way to make money by simply creating a blog, posting what people are searching for and making your website available on search engine, when visitors come inside you simply make your cool money..

There are over 5 billion internet users surfing various websites, website owners are constantly making money from their websites every time your surf their website even while they sleep -  would't you like to be like them?.

This model of making money online will save you from all these MMM, Ponzi Schemes, Bullshit coins like TBC, Jumping from one training course to another to a very simplified and very direct way to make money online.

Note: To Prevail on the internet, selling online or not selling, you must have a website, a simple knowledge of how to create your own website and monetizing it will save you a lot of ripping-off web developers.

..and knowing the right strategies to boost website traffic and earning massively online, will save you the time and money of buying Fake Fiverr Traffic, paying for tools that only analyses your website(s) without actually telling you exact thing to do into ranking the website on Google..ii

All these and many more are covered inside The Search Engine Joy Program.
No Wonder, the Program is trusted by...
Patrick Ogidi
Wale Adekile (Don Caprio)  C.E.O Geek.NG
Nosagie Nosa-Ero
..are you still guessing?
Over 10,000 people are inside the boost website traffic group on Facebook owned by Search Engine Joy, and several thousands are eager to get into the program as it Launched today, Training slots are very very limited Only action takers will get inside the Search Engine Joy Program Today..
The Training course will equip you with..
LIVE Video training
As i earlier said, i like pictorial and video explanations, inside the SEJ Members area is me right in front of you dishing out exact methods to apply, listing all the mistakes, dos and don't till you are sure to achieve success.
Steps to Boost traffic 
This is not about if your traffic would be boosted, but if you actually want your traffic to be boosted. The exact method and daily routine we apply for both new and old blogs were revealed plus a comprehensive 10-video module on Facebook Chatbot.
Sky Rocketed earnings
The evergreen hidden tactics 'gooros' would't show you were seemingly revealed in just one video teaching the kind of Ads to place, the best AdNetworks to use, Placing of the Adnetworks and also driving targeted traffic to them.
100% Life-time human support for your success 
We understand the first-time struggle you may face getting into the SEJ coaching program, so we have made support channels on Facebook Group, Email Support, Phone Calls/SMS and also SEJ Blog to help you implement A-Z of the course, ask questions and get solutions until you succeed.
Making Money Online Legitimately has Been Redefined, Get inside the SEJ members area to FIND OUT more..
Do You Really Want to Step Up Your Game?
Enroll Into The SEJ Easy Video Training Course
It's Time to Try Something on a Whole New Different level, something tested and trusted by Nigerian Top Bloggers and Internet Marketers, The Action is "Not About Giving it a try" But actually "If you will be Opportune to get inside before access is closed".
Regular Enrollment into the training university: #55,500 for Pro and #35,200 for Basic   
- Price For Today Alone  -
10,200 Naira for Pro Level

 4,900 Naira for Basic Level 
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This is not like your regular program that is not backed with proofs !
 These are people you even know!

...and they are 'codedly' enjoying the ability to rank their website and make money online legitimately... it's time for you to know what the bosses does..
..And Many Are already ranking first page with the same program on Google..
Hey Dude!!!

To Say the Least, You No Longer need to be told, Jump inside to Meet the rest of us on our Private Facebook Group too..

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Do You Really Want to Step Up Your Game?
Enroll Into The SEJ Easy Video Training Course
It's Time to Try Something on a Whole New Different level, something tested and trusted by Nigerian Top Bloggers and Internet Marketers, The Action is "Not About Giving it a try" But actually "If you will be Opportune to get inside before access is closed".
Regular Enrollment into the training university: #55,500 for Pro and #35,200 for Basic   
- Price For Today Alone  -
10,200 Naira for Pro Level

 4,900 Naira for Basic Level 
Do not let this chance slip through!!! 
Have Questions???
Call: 09030413255 
Other Bonuses Inside The SEJ Program
Apart from all the Juicy strategic ways to boost your website traffic we also have the following bonuses Inside. No Wonder, PRO internet Marketers and Bloggers recommend this coaching program for everyone who wants to hit the ground running..
Youtube Grabber Script
Are you a busy type who do not have time to craft posts? you just want to setup a pre-made website that grabs all contents from youtube and all the contents arranged and updated easily plus it is very optimized with on-page tactics to rank easily.
SEO Based Post Made Easy
This content teaches you the simple ninja trick to make a search engine optimized post that can rank to first page on google without any stress from your end, this same method has never been let out, it is only opened to search engine joy members. 
Paypal Account Creation
The seemingly most easiest and untapped method to create a paypal account in Nigeria, Connect your Naija Savings account to it, and the Paypal account has No restrictions what-so-ever, you can both send and receive with it. 
Never Get Adsense Bans
This 12:08 minutes video teaches A-Z how to track performance and also the best practices even a newbie can employ to avoid any form of adsense bans, as usual this Ninja trick is coming first hand for SEJ members, it also comes with an eBook Guide. 
Easy Page Ranker
No more stress to rank your webpages, with the Easy Page ranker tutorial, you get unlimited access to rank your website pages and also an option to rank multiple pages using a single page.
SEO Titles Structured
This comes in two stages.
1. Teaching how to optimize titles with all call-to-action ranking tactics
2. Structuring your page titles to the exact ways intending  searchers search and easily grab all the traffics from search engine to your titles. 
Payoneer Made Easy
A seemingly effortless way to create and retrieve payoneer account and Card right here in Nigeria, we also shared a tip to help you fix that on our convinience. 
What are you waiting for?
Enter now, we are waiting for you inside 
Fidelis Ozuawala 
Founder: Waploaded.com & SearchEngineJoy.com 
Search Engine Joy is a Video Training and coaching program registered and managed by Waploaded Media Enterprises 2017.
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