How to Install the Youtube Grabber Script

Today we have just made FREE access to our most-wanted youtube grabber script, this script grabs contents from and simply renders third-party download links to every video. You do not need to do anything with this script, just simply installing the script, placing adverts and building backlinks as illustrated inside the SEJ Program and when you start ranking your ads will be making money for you free of charge with your website.

How to Install the Youtube Grabber Script:

  • After Download the under the bonus section
  • Upload the file inside your server’s public_html

The Public_html is the home or web root of your primary domain.

  • Unzip the file inside there
  • Download the .htaccess file here
  • Upload the .htaccess into the public_html i.e root folder
  • Then rename the the file as .htaccess (i.e dot htaccess)
  • Open/Edit the file and replace some links there with yours
  • Open the config.php to fix in your appropriate website details like site titles, description etc.
  • Open ads-setup folder to set the advertisement you want to display for header, footer and within the download page.
  • Save and Visit your website.

Note: The Grabber script is not to be used for Google Adsense Network as you will get easily banned.

Why do you need the Grabber Script?

The youtube grabber script is easy to use and manage, it does not require updating, build quality backlinks and start ranking, then make cool money online from the website.

How Do you get the Youtube Grabber Script?

The Youtube grabber script is only available for SEJ Pack members (both PRO and Basic Users) under the bonus section. So Get into the SEJ Members area to get it or Enroll for the Search Engine Program today and get it and even more other goodies inside.

Have any questions? Drop it off in the comment section below or simply email the SEJ Support team at:

support (at)


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